Intuitive Jackie, Psychic, (513) 788-1616 - Rev. Jackie is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Love Counselor
Hours are Saturday and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST  Other hours by appointment.  

Please note:  
1.  I would like to advise you that some readings disclose very personal information, very quickly.  You are advised not to include others when you are receiving a reading.  
2.  You can take notes or record on your phone.  
3.  Please have your questions already written out in order to maximize your time.  
4.  Medium-ship contact is not guaranteed.  Feel free to show photos of anyone that you want to discuss.  
5.  Skype, FaceTime, GoogleDuo, and Phone readings are available.
6.   I am not a medical professional, and can not diagnose or treat you. I am a medical intuitive. 
7.  I am a Certified Minister.  Call to schedule (513) 788-1616

3.99 minute
15 minute reading, Concise for quick answers! Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $59.85
3.99 minute
30 minute reading, More in-depth for multiple questions.
Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $119.70
3.99 minute
60 minute reading, This is for Psychic, Chakra, Auras, Medium-ship and Cards.
Some numerology and some astrology. Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $239.40
Angel Romance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Out of Print by Doreen Virtue, Includes 30 minute reading
Price: $300.00
Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Out of print 44 Card Deck and Guidebook
Price: $250.00
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards
Playing cards with the meaning printed on each card. Good for the beginning reader
Price: $13.50